Games & Skills

  1. All the games which are on the PPL platform are ‘Games of Skill’, under Indian law. For this, PPL doesn’t support, offer or endorse to Users ‘games of chance’ for cash. On the other hand, “Games of Skills” are the games in which the player efforts matter most than luck.

  2. The rules and regulations of games are clearly explained for users. They can follow the rules to be on the top of every game.

  3. To be victorious in any games user’s performance skill, and efforts matter most. They can read how to play guide and start playing the interesting games.

  4. The players will be given basics chance and it would come in the structure of various obstacles/ challenges. The users can easily conquer them by using gaming skills. Elements of luck are available for games but it would be different from another one. So, to win the match you need to use your skills.

  5. Every game available on the PPL can be only won through your skills. This comes via practice and other players have inborn hidden talent.

  6. Each game on PPL will be rewarding definite skills, like experience, practice, knowledge of the current game, awareness of rules, etc.

  7. There are specific games which will give you fixed outcomes like Sudoku, Crosswords, Brick Breaker, and these outcomes are possible by Users skills.